How to book a room ?

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Wearing a mask is mandatory on all campuses, in all working rooms, K'hubs and library.


For students on the Nancy campus, you can book a working room in two places :


  1. ARTEM Campus Library 

    Rooms must be book online here : . No booking will be made by librarians on campus.

    Rules for rooms 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 : Minimum 3 students, maximum 6 students. Minimum 2 hours booking. Masks are mandatory.

    Rules for rooms 7 & 8 : Minimum 2 students, maximum 4 students. Minimum 2 hours booking. Masks are mandatory.


  2. Station A building :

    The K'hub can be accessed freely, no booking by students. Masks are mandatory.

    Other rooms can be booked in advanced directly by contacting Michael Dahbi by email, the Station A coordinator : He will book you a room depending on availability.

For students on our  Berlin and Paris campus, the K’Hub of your campuses are available. They cannot be booked but you can access them freely, alone or in a small group, during your campus opening hours.

Again, masks are madatory and please respect the cleanliness of the premises (do not eat and clean your table when you leave).


For any question, contact ICN Library :