Loan rules
Unlimited number of books, for 4 weeks. Unlimited number of magazines, for 2 weeks. 5 DVD for 2 weeks.
Opening hours & location
Monday - Friday, 08:30 am - 9 pm. See officiel website for closed days during vacations.
Find books
Choose "Books" in the Knowledge Hub search engine, then enter your keywords or book title.
Room booking
Collaborative work rooms are available at the library for groups of 3 - 8 students. Book one room here !
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At the heart of the ARTEM campus, the ARTEM library gathers collections from the three ARTEM alliance schools : arts, economics & management, engineering. 


The 2500 m² library offers 500 seats across 2 floors, 8 collaborative work rooms, one exhibition hall, 1 training room and all the necessary resources for students and staff : relaxed/leisure area, tables with plugs for mobile devices, wifi...


Rematerialized ebooks
A selection of ebooks with a physical form to simply access.
Opening hours & location
Monday - Saturday, 08 am - 7.30 pm. 1st floor, Metz campus.
Work space
Move the furniture around, use the white boards, work in group... it's your work space. The room can be booked on demand.
Ask a librarian
Ask a librarian ! A computer is reserved to chat with ICN library team from the K'Hub room.
Law & Economics
Law and economics university library in Nancy. Open Saturdays.
Metz Saulcy Library
Pluridisciplinary library, with many collaborative rooms. Open Saturdays.
Other University Libraries
You can access all university of Lorraine libraries with your ICN student / professional card.
Nürnberg - Erlangen University Library
Wirtschafts- und Sozialwissenschaftliche Zweigbibliothek / Economic and Social Sciences Library